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The Site
site name: Doesn't Exist
first hatched: 08.2005
past versions: 23kid, An Immortal Emperor, An Even Harder Shade of Dark, Let X Equal X, The Dissolved Girls, Promises Not Necessary, You Could Feel the Sky, The Death of the Ego

The Artist

Godless Machine (aka Jasmin Morgenstern) is an illustrator, cartoonist and aspiring animator. She is currently a human who resides in the northern hemisphere of Planet Earth with her cat, Schrödinger. She hopes to move to Mars one day.

She has a bizarre disease that keeps her from relaying every minute detail of her life to strangers on the internet. She's just not a social media person. Or even a social person. This may prove to be a problem.

Her interests include robots, cats, maths, science, spiders, art, her synesthesia and tea (real tea, not American tea). She reads far too many comics and plays far too many old video games. She is not sorry for not being a proper adult (not even a little bit).

More infos coming soon maybe.


Weapons of Choice
Sketchbook Express
Penny the Wacom Tablet
Paper and Pencils

Places to Find Me
deviantART: gm @ dA (There are prints!)
facebook: godless machine
twitter: godlessmachine
tegaki E: godlessmachine
tumblr: The Smallest Weird Number
zombie: How to be a zombie.

All art here is © to J. Morgenstern unless specified otherwise.