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Ongoing comics (Hosted elswhere):

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Short comics:
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Ferengi Women -- Two panel sketch comic about Star Trek.

The Walk Home: One-Two-Three-Four
      →All you really need to know before reading this comic is that Roman and Chantrea aren't together at the beginning, but things are different at the end.

Phreak -- Scribble comic. Roman shows us the proper use for a Captain Crunch whistle in 1971.

Staring Contest -- Silly, slighty experimental comic with Roman and Chantrea.
      →Here are the two middle panels without colour.

2013 Hourly Comic: 12am; 1am; 2-3am; 4-5am; 6-7-8am; 4pm; 5-10pm; 10pm-12am

Toast Comic About Toast -- A silly comic about Carbon and Xander eating toast. Done for the 100 technique meme (it's number 6 on the list).

Utena OST: Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse --When? Where? Who? Which? --PalŠozoic Within the Flesh --Spira Mirabilis Theatre --Angelic Creation, Namely Light --Last Evolution (Eve of the Evolution Revolution) --Seal Spell

All art here is © to J. Morgenstern unless specified otherwise.